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Pretend you are rich on Etsy

Pretend You Are Rich Etsy Store

The Pretend You Are Rich – Etsy Store is no ordinary Etsy Store. Here’s how it works: All artwork is priced over $3000 – but we also provide a $3000 off coupon!

This store is in support of the Pretend You Are Rich Art Auction which is no ordinary art auction. Here’s how it works: The minimum bid is $3000 – but the highest bidder gets an instant $3000 rebate! Visit to find out more.

This Etsy store is a way that you can participate and support the project worldwide. Whether you can come to a live auction or not, this store will give you the opportunity to get your hands on affordable art created by artists who have been featured in live events. To complete the facade that you are a rich aristocrat or oil baron, we have a $3000 off coupon for you to use towards your purchase. (stay tuned for info on that coupon code – this store is still under construction)

Artists receive 50% of the sale of their work so they get to make a few bucks the rest goes to the project and a portion of profits is donated to small art venues and creative projects.

We are always looking for artists to submit their work for the next Pretend You Are Rich Art Auction. New, exciting, excellent work will be considered. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are an artist who wants to join in on this fun way to get your art out there.

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