May 23rd, 2009 @ Pump Project


A fun and exciting, live auction, faux-riche event where the bidding starts at $3000 and the winner gets an $3000 instant rebate!
Support local artists & Pump Project, Pretend You Are Rich and Buy Some Art!!
Coldtowne Theater’s Arthur Simone will grace the stage as The Fabulous Mr. Auction

Pump Project is raffling an iPod touch!!  

Artists include: Shawn Camp, Matthew Rodriguez, Jessica Erikson, Doug Weber, Mark Johnson, Debra Broz, Joelle Geisler, Cherie Weaver, Paul Moncus, Sarah Raymer, Michael Merck and others!

Remember, this is your chance to pretend you are rich so show up looking fabulously wealthy! Get out your fancy duds, your diamond-studded pendants, your top hat and monocle, your feather boa and dress to impress!

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