March 8th, 2008 @ Pump Project

Intant $3000 rebate for this fine art auction.

This is no ordinary auction. This is the 5th ever, Austin’s 2nd Pretend You Are Rich! Art Auction. There will be live music. There will be parsley-garnished food. There will be drinks with little plastic swords.

pretend-rich-atariHeld on March 28 from 6pm to 11pm at Pump Project Art Complex, this auction provides a means for people to get their hands on great local art at knock-off prices, and put money into the hands of local celebrity artists including Tim BrownWilliam HundleyDoug WeberGerardo Arellano , Cantanker’s Debra Broz , and many talented others (we wouldn’t want to tip off the paps).
Here’s how it works: the minimum bid is $3000, but the highest bidder gets an instant $3000 rebate. So if you bid $3050, all you pay is fifty dollars! $3200, only $200, and if you bid one million dollars, all you pay is $997,000!!!

Coldtowne Theater’s Arthur Simone will portray the Fabulous Mr. Auction. He is full of wit and hilarity, and loves to share it with his audience. This is an improvisational extravaganza not to miss. Blueblood/ghetto fabulous/international playboy/Texas oilman/sheik/Hollywood (whatever your definition of definition of “fabulously wealthy”) attire encouraged.


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