August 9th 2007 @ Creekside Lounge

Excerpt from Austin Chronicle.

PRETEND YOU ARE RICH ART AUCTION How do you bid on art without being rich? By getting a $3,000 rebate for every winning bid. That’s right – you bid $3,050, you only owe $50, plus you get some live music thrown into the deal for free. See for a look at the pieces to be auctioned. Thu., Aug. 9, 8pm. Creekside Lounge, 606 E. Seventh, 480-5988.

This is the art auction not to miss, an instant $3000 off.On August Ninth(9th) at 8pm come down to
an art auction at the Creek Side Lounge
for over 20 original pieces of j.haley art.

This is no ordinary auction though.

This is the 4th ever, Austin’s 1st –
Pretend You Are Rich Art Auction.

The Minimum Bid is 3000$!

But the Highest Bidder
gets an instant 3000$ off rebate!

So if you bid 3050$, all you pay is fifty dollars!
3200$, only two hundred dollars,
and if you bid one million dollars all you pay is 997,000$!!!
Richard Guerra, former auctioneer for the Goodwill auction, South Lamar, will be portraying the Fabulous Mr. Auction. He is full of trivial information, and loves to share it with his audience, bringing fun with him.

There will be live music before and after the auction. TBA

The Art work of j.haley will be on display in the pool room, starting August 1st

you are rich, afterall

Art work at the Creekside Lounge of the artist J. Haley
J.Haley is a California born Texan from Idaho. Writer for Cantanker Magazine, and co-director of Pump Project Art Complex, he believs that we are all centers of the universe, but fears this idea will propagate a cult to form. In seventh grade he entered some wood carvings into the Idaho State Fair, winning honorable mention in the adult class and second place in the youth division.

His work is conscious of the perceived world, but doesn’t know what that means.  In his recent drawings/paintings of stuff on discarded wood, he purposefully attempts to limit perfection to deliver a sense of the raw and beautiful.

J. Haley is a mad man.

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