April 21st, 2005 @ Flying M

Boise Idaho, pretend you are rich.

Thursday 21

Pretend You’re a Rich Art Patron

by  – Boise Weekly

C’mon, who doesn’t want to go back a few years to the land of make-believe and play pretend? Some call it regressing, others call it acting. Basically this event’s spin on pretending pretension is a reason to get decked out, act snooty on purpose and bid on some cool art. The third-ever live auction and second-annual Boise edition of “Pretend You’re a Rich Art Patron,” opens to bids on the art hanging in Flying M this Thursday. And not just any $5 bid, the minimum starting point is $3,000. So not only must you dress like a rich art patron, you will bid like one (though after the event participants will receive a $3,000 rebate.) So bidding $3,005 (you really pay $5), you bid $3100 (you pay $100).

In addition to auctioning off j.haley’s work, 15 other local artists are represented at the auction. Many of these artists have previously shown works at The Flying M, as well as at Satchels, The Funny Bone, The Bouquet and The Basement Gallery. To keep the illusion of grandeur behind this facade aptly deceptive, feel free to wear formal attire and bid as above, though scruffier types will doubtfully be turned away at the door-there’s one at every non-pretend formal, rich and swanky auction anyway.

8 p.m., FREE, Flying M, 500 W. Idaho, 353-1053.

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